The Breakup Monologues season 3 episode 7 – with Matt Hoss and Kate Fox

Rosie is joined by comedian Matt Hoss and poet Kate Fox to discuss the role that outdoor swimming plays in our breakups, whether getting a dog ruins your sex life, the idea of liminality and the creative space that breakups open up, falling in love while going through a breakup, Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy and... Continue Reading →

The Breakup Monologues season 3 episode 6 -with Sadia Azmat, Mariana Feijó and Kemah Bob

Rosie is joined by comedians Sadia Azmat, Kemah Bob and Mariana Feijó to discuss how polyamory changes the conversation around breakups, the stigma faced by divorced Asian women, sex with the ex, advising your mum to be poly, dating in a foreign language and the problems with serial monogamy. Recorded at Kings Place on Nov... Continue Reading →

The Breakup Monologues season 3 episode 4 – with Dr Anna Machin and Charvy Narain

Rosie is joined by evolutionary anthropologist Dr Anna Machin and science communicator Charvy Narain to discuss the similarities between breakups and drug withdrawal, sniffing babies, divorce rates around the world, the increase in divorces among UK women over fifty, eating chocolate to recover from heartbreak, the ethics of love drugs and being dumped online versus face... Continue Reading →

The Breakup Monologues season 3 episode 3 – with Meg-John Barker, Iszi Lawrence and Sharan Dhaliwal

Rosie is joined by academic, therapist and author Meg-John Barker, comedian and podcaster Iszi Lawrence and journalist Sharan Dhaliwal to discuss looking beyond the binary breakup scripts of needing to move rapidly from love to hate, relationship anarchy, placing a value on friendships and other types of connection outside of traditional romantic relationships, breakup language,... Continue Reading →

The Breakup Monologues season 2 episode 11 – with Beth McColl, Alix Fox and Viv Groskop

Rosie is joined by advice columnist and author Beth McColl, presenter, writer and sex educator Alix Fox and author and comedian Viv Groskop to discuss micro-cheating, breakup ‘anniversary’ dates, fantasy celebrity shag lists, whether ghosting existed in the ‘olden days’ of fax machines and meeting in real life, what to do when love is just not enough and the hottest topic... Continue Reading →

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